I used to raise Nubian dairy goats but have ‘aged out’.

While I’m incredibly thankful for the experience and feel blessed to have shared birthing so many adorable souls, I stopped raising goats because I couldn’t find safe, appropriate homes for them.

Besides, I got tired of sleeping in the barn during birthing season. Most of the time the mama’s didn’t need help in giving birth but for that once-in-a-while need, I wanted to be there. Birthing seventeen babies in one season was enough for me.

Making goat milk soaps was an excuse to get more goats and the excuse worked. At one time I had more than thirty goats. Daily maintenance was a lot of work for one person so I looked to our local high school Ag students for help. That worked for a while but after about four years even those students were failing to do the quality work.

Overwhelmingly proven every year, the girls are better suited in caring for goats than boys. My worst experience was when I hired one boy to replace one girl. What a disaster!!! I ended up hiring two boys who were a complete waste of time and both of them failed miserably. I’ll never hire a male high school student again! The girls proved themselves every time as being more responsible, efficient, and caring.

I raised Nubians mostly for their milk but did sell one from time to time. That stopped too when I couldn’t find safe homes for them. In reducing my herd, I gave away a few goats to select customers who did have safe, appropriate homes. I’m down to six goats who are my ‘retirees’. My pets, so to speak.

Fast forward to today. I currently have one retail outlet that has sold my products for years. Unfortunately, I’ve gotten so busy with other projects, I haven’t had time to make new soaps for way too long. (My freezer is full of goat milk, so I have milk to make soaps for several years — all I need is time, a precious commodity.)

About Gran’ Nanny’s Goat Milk Soaps

Gran’ Nanny’s Goat Milk Soaps was born out of love for our goats and their milk. Goats are incredible creatures with diverse personalities, likes, and, oh yow dislikes; goats are not shy when it comes to letting you know what they do NOT like.

Once you’ve used soap made with goat milk, you’ll always remember the soft, creamy feeling of your skin. Helping my skin stay soft is why I specialize in making goat milk bath soaps. Through Gran’ Nanny’s Goat Milk Soaps, we’re discovering those miracles one product at a time. In addition to fat-heavy goat milk, I use olive oil, honey, oat meal, and essential oils.

In addition, once you’ve tasted goat milk you’ll want to know more about its miracle. Join us on our journey of discovery. Learn more about the benefits of goat milk.


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